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Building Community.

Crushing Goals.

Ozark Iron Gym is a friendly, down-to-earth environment that focuses on building a gym community and solid atmosphere to help people crush their goals. We combine old-school powerlifting fundamentals with modern strength training and equipment.

Improving with You.


There are a lot of gyms around Northwest Arkansas where you can spend your money, but we're the only local gym that consistently improves the facility and equipment. We replace bench pads every six months. We invest in new equipment every year. And we continue to grow and add space as it’s needed. If you like a gym that focuses on you and your goals, come be a part of the community.

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Gym Rules




Done using your equipment? Then unload it.

See it loaded? Then someone’s using it.

Someone using something you need? Ask to work in.





Don’t f*ing ego lift in here.

That’s how you break stuff.

Leave your insecurity at the door.




Don’t be a creepy weirdo pervert.

She’s here to lift. She’s not here for you.

Take our gym for a spin. Day passes are $10.

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